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  • | Training Policy
  • . Share and disseminate the corporate culture and business
      philosophies of Samjin Elex
    . Promote the core HR equipped with professional competitiveness
      according to sectors

  • | Direction
  • . Establish a promotion system for core HR of next generation – select the
      core HR group and provide a separate curriculum
    . Extend the professional training to strengthen the service
      competence – Extend the internal and external training by curriculum
    . Support the training for fostering the company culture – Extend the
      sympathy of Samjin Elex and disseminate the business philosophy
      for ethical management
Type Target Major Curriculum
Management Training Promote the management capability of directors Management strategy seminar of directors, Director’s course
Reading course & Management class for directors
Promote the leaders of next generation Core HR promotion training, leadership course for project managers, planning managers and department managers
Service implementation capability
(Specialization of the technical duties)
Promote technical service competence Site manager cultivation course, Site administrative manager cultivation course
Technical practice course(Construction technology including CAD)
Promote management service competence Specialist course by management service (internal and external training)
Support the training for fostering corporate culture Support self-development training Business management & e-learning for service works & reading
Language, computer courses
Foster corporate culture SamjinElex Integrated OJT
Workshop by service sectors
Internal teacher training, and granting incentives to internal teachers