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  • | Operates corporate condominiums
  • Company operates major resort and condominiums over the country for pleasant leisure of
    executives and employees, along with their families.

  • | Supports family events
  • Company provides the special leaves and financial supports for family events

  • | Mountain Climbing, Marathon and Sports Activities
  • Company supports the fraternal association of employees through annual events

  • | Supports Health Care
  • Company cares for the health of employees by providing general health check services

  • | Invention related to Duties
  • Company pays compensation to staff who created inventions (including new technologies and
    new construction methods) related to their duties according to Clause 1 of Article 13 of the
    Invention Promotion Act.

  • | Creation and Proposal System
  • Company pays for specific cases or ideas which are practiced in service.

  • | Awards System
  • Company gives yearly awards to long-term employed individuals and excellent employees.

  • | Supports Self-Development
  • Company supports various forms of ongoing curriculum including business
    management, service skill improvement, e-learning of reading, and language and
    computer courses.

  • | Supports Internal Clubs
  • Company supports internal clubs for hobby activities and fraternal association of employees