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“Our utmost priorities will be centered on aspiring for optimal safety and quality, preserving the environment, and maximizing customer satisfaction.”
Greetings, My deepest thanks for your ongoing encouragement and support for the steady growth and development of SAMJIN Elex Co., Ltd. In 1984, SAMJIN Elex Co., Ltd. was founded as a specialized construction company with success in areas such as electricity, information and telecommunication, and fire-fighting facilities. Since then, we’ve made a constant push to evolve our R&D and training of human resources, including the industry-academic cooperation system and establishment of the Research Institute of Technology. Based on our accumulated technology and diverse experience, we have cultivated a new construction culture to help realize customer satisfaction and stimulate public interest. SAMJIN Elex Co., Ltd. promises to take a bold leap forward in promoting competitiveness in the global market and creating robust customer values. We encourage and appreciate your continued support, as we continue to reach new heights.
Chairman (CEO) Kim Sung-kwan
President (CEO) Shin Sang-wan