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We acquired the certificate of quality management system, safety and health management system, environmental 
management systems and established the integrated management system(QES). We apply those to all areas of our 
business as standards of quality, safety and eco-friendly services.
  • Quality Management System(ISO 9001) : We establish and implement the quality policy in order to provide the best in quality and service.
  • Environment Management System(ISO 14001) : We operate our business with a sense of responsibility in accordance with environmental regulations and think for a healthy and better future.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Standard(OHSAS 18001) : We practice the systematic management of safety & health and the preventative activity of industrial accident in order to achieve the No-Accident of the whole work places.
  • Green Technology Certificate (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy) : We developed and adopt the Smart Cut-Off & Saving Technology for Standby Electric Power as an effort for low carbon & green growth.