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2013 10. Acquired a license for machinery & equipment installation
01. Established “SAMJIN Elex Thailand Co., LTD.” (a subsidiary invested in Thailand
2012 09 . Designated as a top productivity improvement company by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
06. Acquired the license of design activity for Fire-fighting facilities (Machinery and electricity)
2011 10. Selected as a management innovation company (MAIN-BIZ)
09. Acquired the certificate of productive management system(Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
06. Acquired the license of special design activity for electric power facility
2010 04. Acquired the software business registration
2009 11. Established “SAMJIN Cambodia Co., LTD.” (a subsidiary invested in Cambodia)
02. Established the integrated management system (ERP/PMIS/EIS/KMS/groupware)
2008 12. Announced a mid to long-term vision
2007 10. Acquired the Occupational Health & Safety management System OHSAS 18001 certificate
08. Established “SAMJIN Vina Co., LTD.” (a subsidiary invested in Vietnam)
06. Established the Research Institute of Technology
2006 12. Changed the name of the company to SAMJIN Elex Co., LTD.
12. Acquired the registration of specialized company for new and renewable energy
07. Acquired the registration of engineering business activity
2003 06. Established the Code of Business Ethics
01. Enhanced to quality management system ISO 9001 certificate
2001 11. Acquired the environmental management system ISO 14001 certificate